Thursday, April 3, 2014


On Saturday March 29 I worked an event at school. I worked with Chef Kevin and Chef Payne. Chef Kevin is a very amazing person. He has two children that suffer from PKU. It is a disease that does not allow you to break down proteins. With having these two children it inspired him to create menus and way of preparing food so that people that suffer from the disease are able to enjoy food as we all do. He creates bacon from sweet potatoes and even creates a type of Mcgriddle like served at Mcdonalds.

I was working the pizza station and he asked me to use my knife skills to show different ways of cutting peppers, onions and mushrooms. So that we could show them how to have fun with cooking.

It was a success, everyone enjoyed it. I would just like to add that the last two weekends have been very humbling for me. The first weekend at Camp Rainbow and then last weekend with people that suffer from PKU. It has shown me to appreciate what I have in life and inspired me to keep my focus through this Adventure in Culinary. I am truly a student of the game and this is my journey. The thing that makes me the most exciting is that my journey has really just begun

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